Assessment Rubric For Annotated Bibliography

There are many examples and collections of rubrics on the web.  Below are links to a few.  The best strategy may be to search the web and specify your discipline or assignment, limiting to .edu sites. (Example: lab experiment and rubric and site:edu or book review and rubric and site:edu)

AAC&U’s Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) VALUE rubrics - the Critical Thinking rubric, Information Literacy rubric and the Inquiry & Analysis rubric may be particularly useful  

AALHE collectionhas a variety of rubrics across disciplines from many universities. 

DePaul University's Rubric Bankhas links to various collections of rubrics.

RAILS: Rubric Assessment of Information Literacy Skills - Collection of campus-specific and assignment-specific rubrics.

University of Alabama -  list of rubricsfrom UA faculty (Writinghas links useful in many disciplines) and non-UA sources.) 

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- Время.

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