Police Abusing Their Power Essay Topics

The Police Have Become the Criminals

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In our times, the police have become the criminals. Some police are using their power to do bad things, and society has come to fear police. The law enforcement system needs change. The courts have failed the police, and the police have turn to other means of justice. We must stop the corruption in the police force.

I have respect for the police, and the job they do. Policemen are a selected few who do a dangerous job. Police have done many great things to help improve communities, help people during their off duty hours and stand strong in face of many fears. The police trying to enforce the law are on the streets in all types of weather. Instead of being at home with their families on holidays they are working to keep peace. Everyday, they step out in a world where violence is considered appropriate.

Our laws have allowed individuals to slip through the cracks of our justice system. Criminals who have raped and killed have walked on technicalities. The results have left the officers with a sense of failure by the system. Some police officers have taken matters in their own hands.

Across America, police have been involved in scandals and drugs. They are abusing the power that they have been given. The communities have begun not to trust the police because of their conduct toward the citizens. People have been beaten and harassed by the guys in blue. People in the communities have seen the police push individuals around and take things from individuals for no reason. People receive the wrong message. The public no longer can see a difference between the police and criminals.

Problems like police corruption have no easy answer. However, there are steps to target the root of the problem. We must start by holding officers accountable for their actions. If an officer uses too much force, he should be put on probation. The people must show the police that misconduct will not be tolerated. The attitudes must change within the departments. When the departments no longer ignore the complaints of excessive force, then the police's attitudes will begin to change. Screening of officers needs to be done more often. More psychologists and criminologists are needed to spot those officers who are in trouble or on the brink of mental illness. A good start would be to teach the superior officers to recognize warning signs like lateness or angry mode swings.

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Many problems between the police and citizens are miscommunication. Critics say, "Racial and social classes have become a difficult problem because of communication". Education is important for changing things. "The academy should teach classes on communication and corruption. The classes can help new officers deal with many problems that they will face in the field. Policing needs to meet the challenges with racial and social classes" (Can...?).

Police should be paid a better salary. They need enough income to run a house and finance a family without having to take a second job. A higher income would help to take away some of the money pressure for policemen. Local police officers make about $19,200 a year. The salary may vary from location to location.

Police corruption is a problem that everyone needs to address. Corruption affects us in many ways from driving to feeling safe. The public may not know the causes for the problem, but there is no reason for the corruption to continue. The law enforcement system may never be perfect, but improvements may promote public support and cooperation. The public, government officials and law enforcement departments must work together to combat the problems of corruption.

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