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Hospital Housekeeper Resume Samples

Hospital Housekeepers sanitize and clean environments in a hospital. Duties described in a typical example resume include making beds, changing linens, cleaning floors, vacuuming carpets, restocking medical supplies, using disinfectants, and applying infection-control policies. Those seeking to fulfill this type of role should demonstrate in their resumes cleaning equipment familiarity, sterilization procedures knowledge, the ability to perform physically-demanding tasks, good communication abilities, and teamwork. Most candidates hold a high school diploma and undergo on-the-job training.

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Hospital Housekeeper

Swept, vacuumed, dried mopped and polished floors to improve hospital conditions

  • Cleaned and sanitized restroom and other areas of the hospital to ensure patient and employee safety
  • Emptied waste baskets to eliminate hazards from the hospital
  • Replenished soap and paper supplies to ensure cleaning supplies for safety
  • Changed sheets and linens in hospital room to meet a patient everyday needs

Hospital Housekeeper

  • Responsible for keeping medical facility clean, sanitary and well maintained
  • Attended to waiting areas, staff areas and examination rooms, focusing specifically on floors, windows, walls and examination surfaces
  • Supply fresh linens to patient rooms and maintain upkeep of bathrooms
  • Assisted in scheduling routine maintenance repairs

Hospital Housekeeper

Cleaned surgery rooms, ER rooms and patient's rooms.

  • Decontaminated operating tables, beds, other standing equipment and sterilized rooms.
  • Thoroughly cleaned and moped the floors using disinfecting products.
  • Discarded the content form the waste container.
  • Cleaned and supplied bathrooms.

Lead Hospital Housekeeper

  • Responsible for the cleanliness of rooms occupied by patients, rooms, surgical areas, offices, labs, waiting areas, and the restrooms.
  • Disinfection of patient room after the patient has been discharged to ensure that the germs are killed there is no chance of spreading of infection or disease.
  • Keeping records about the process of waste disposal and ensuring that the process is done accordance with the policies of the hospital.
  • Making sure that all of the employees are in there designated area.
  • Transporting patients to different area of the hospital.


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Housekeeper Resume Cover Letter

A housekeeper has to manage uncountable daily activities of various organizations like hospitals, hotels, and other similar establishments.

Main tasks of a housekeeper are as follows-

  • Cleaning the kitchen and other rooms
  • Maintaining the hygienic balance in the house
  • Checking the room for any filthiness around
  • Sometimes/occasionally examining the veranda or garden area
  • Maintaining the rules and regulations while serving In a house
  • Ensuring the adequate supply of needy items
  • Completing day to day chores in time
  • Welcoming guests, and serve them at times
  • Taking care of children and old-age people

1. Cover letter Sample (for Experienced)

David E. Gill
870 John Avenue
Spring port, MI 49284
Phone- 517-857-1438

Kimberly A. Meyer
4612 Carriage Lane
Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Subject- Application for the post of a Housekeeper

Respected Sir,

I came across an advertisement regarding the job availability with you. I am sending my resume along with this letter. Please kindly consider it.

I have one year of housekeeping experience on the domestic front. Additionally I have been working as a housekeeper at a city motel for two years now. I have completed a course in housekeeping from Dominick's University. I have attached related certificate with my application.

With my professional experience and educational background; I assure you that I have the capacity to perform proficiently and I will not let you down. I am a quick learner and very adjustable. With my good communication skills, I can be friendly with people of any age group. Moreover I have experience of taking care of old age people as well as children.

If you find my application suitable, please free to contact me. I am looking forward to your reply.

Thanking you!

Yours sincerely,

David E. Gill


  • Resume
  • Experience certificates
  • Educational documents
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof

2. Cover letter Example

Latoya C. Meeks
1057 Lords Way
Bradford, TN 38316
Phone- 731-742-3344

Norman K. Baxter
2394 Stuart Street
Zelienople, PA 16063

Subject- Application for the post of a Housekeeper

Dear Mr. Baxter,

I came across your advertisement in The Sunday News about your requirement for a domestic housekeeper. I would like to apply for the same.

As it is said in the resume, I have been working as a housekeeper with Mr. Reynolds and family, from past five years. I enjoy my work thoroughly. I am applying for this job, because I find your expectations matching up to my profile. I am leaving my current job with Mr. Reynolds, as they are shifting their base from Bradford to New York. They have also provided an appreciation certificate for my spell with them. I have attached it with this letter.

I believe that my education (a certificate course in Food Science and a diploma in Housekeeping and supervisory skills), and my ability to deal with children and adults will be very helpful, if I get to work with you.

I hope to meet you soon to discuss about this job in details. Please find my contact information given above.

Yours respectfully,

Latoya C. Meeks


  • Resume
  • Experience certificate
  • Educational certificates
  • Address proof
  • Identity proof

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