Essay On The Book A Long Walk To Water

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    What was the political background in the year when the novel started?

    The novel started in the year 1982, two years into the Sudanese civil war. The war was between the government of the country and the Muslim rebel groups that tried to impose sharia law in the country. Another reason was the fight over natural resources and thus in a way the war can also be considered as being between the south of the country and the north of the country. Either way, the Sudanese civil war is considered as being the most brutal civil war in history and millions of lives were affected as a result. Many villages were destroyed and millions of people were forced to flee their homes and run to neighboring countries such as Ethiopia. Some of the challenges the people had to face during the war are presented in the novel, including descriptions about what it was like to live in a refugee camp.

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    Why did Salva spend the night vomiting after eating food for the first time in an extended period of time?

    When Salva’s uncle managed to hunt down an antelope, everyone in the group ate that night but instead of feeling good, they all spend the rest of the night sick, throwing up the food they ate before. The reason why their body reacted this way is because their stomachs became accustomed to eating little food. Because food was introduced into their diets in a chaotic manner, the members of the group got sick, their bodies not being able to stomach and keep down the food they ate.

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    Why was Salva sent to America in the year 2001?

    The civil war in Sudan left more than 20.000 children were separated from their families and forced to flee to either Nigeria of Ethiopia, seeking help. The children never reunited with their families as most became orphans during the war and in 1996, at least 17.000 children still remained in the refugee camps. In the year 2001, the United States of America started a program entitled the Lost Boys of Sudan that had the purpose of resettling some of the orphans in the country. As a result, in the year 2001, more than 3800 children were taken from Sudan and adopted by American couples. The children then were either sent to school or helped to find a job in the new country. Salva was among the children chosen to go to America and there he was able to receive a good education that enabled him later to start a non-profit organization.

  • A Long Walk to Water is a short novel written by Linda Sue Park and published in 2010. It includes the true story of Salva Dut, a part of the Dinka tribe and a Sudanese Lost Boy, and the fictional story of Nya, a young village girl that was a part of the Nuer tribe. Park used this book as a platform to support Dut's program, Water for South Sudan.


    Salva Dut[edit]

    Salva is a young 11-year-old boy separated from his family during a war in what is now South Sudan because of the Second Sudanese Civil War. He has to walk for weeks with only the hope that one day he will find his family again. Salva also struggles to find food and water to survive along with avoiding gunmen, lions and other threats. Salva leads 1500 fellow lost boys to a refugee camp near the Gilo River. Seven years later, he arrives in America. He lives with a family in Rochester, New York. Many years later he finds his father and starts a volunteer group to build wells in South Sudan called Water for South Sudan.


    Nya is an 11-year-old girl who walks several hours to fetch water from the pond. She and her family live in South Sudan in 2008-2009. Her family home is far from the nearest pond, where she walks twice a day to support her parents and younger sister, Akeer. Throughout the story, a well is built in her village so she will not have to walk so far and drink unsafe water. A school is built along with the well, and Nya is overjoyed by this. She then introduces herself to Salva Dut.

    Water for South Sudan[edit]

    Water for South Sudan is a program created by Salva Dut which drills wells for villages in South Sudan.[citation needed]


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