Domestic Violence Argumentative Essay Topics

Domestic violence against women is not an echo of the past, it is a terrible reality of today. Though it’s a thorny subject for millions of people, it shouldn’t be withheld; it must be arisen, discussed and overcome. These are the prompts for you to provide an essay on such a theme:

  • The consequences of domestic violence.
  • Some people consider domestic violence a common thing in household. What can it lead to? Give examples and suggest solutions.

  • Should domestic violence be taken seriously?
  • Is domestic violence a common thing or a serious problem, which needs immediate solution? Should women endure it?

  • Types of domestic violence.
  • Point out the ways women can be violated. What are the most dangerous ones? What are their consequences?

  • Domestic violence: a personal matter or an open problem?
  • In this essay, discuss whether domestic violence should be kept in secret or brought out to publicity. Give your reasons.

  • Domestic violence: who is to blame?
  • If a husband beats up his wife, is he a brute or does she really deserve it? Give your reasons.

  • Why women bear it.
  • Try to find an answer to the question: why do women endure violence? Is it the absence of self-respect or the power of love? Give your reasons.

  • Domestic violence as the echo of the past.
  • In the past, violence against women was acceptable and nowadays some men keep to such a stereotype. Is it reasonable to keep this “noble” tradition or should it become a thing of the past?

  • How to protect yourself from domestic violence?
  • In this essay, you should make a research and point out ways to protect yourself from domestic tyranny. You may consult legislative documents.

  • I’m a victim: what to do?
  • If one becomes a victim of domestic tyranny, what measures should be taken? How to punish the offender? Give examples.

  • Social services protecting victims of domestic violence.
  • What are the social services protecting victims of violence? What are their functions? Do they really help?

  • How to recognize a despot.
  • If husband has lifted his hand against wife once, he is sure to do it again and again. How can a tyrant be recognized and avoided? Offer your variants.

  • Punishment for offender.
  • Consult special literature and comment how justice can punish a person blamed in domestic violence.

  • To forgive or not to forgive?
  • Analyze the cases of domestic violence and decide whether tyranny can be forgiven. Decide whether it is reasonable, to give the offender one more chance. Explain why.

    Violence and domestic violence are very popular issues of social concern of our times, that is why domestic violence is a very common topics for argumentative essays chosen by college or high school students. Domestic violence means any kind of abusive behavior in the family, including abusive behavior of parents toward their children or toward each other. Experts define a few types of domestic abuse, namely psychological, physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, and others, and they all are considered very harmful to families, especially to the youngest members. Domestic abuse can not only damage psychological condition of family members and make them experience fear, feel terrorized or intimidated, etc., but also turn into a serious tool to help manipulating people, hurt them, injure and seriously harm their overall health, and cause plenty of other negative effects.

    However, still there are some opinions about domestic violence as something that can help parents in teaching their kids good manners or knowing right from wrong. Or, there are different opinions on the issue of modern mass media promoting domestic violence by showing numerous incidents and reporting about increasing domestic violence cases. There is a certain controversy related to this issue, that is why it can be chosen as a good argumentative essay topic. In other words, a student who made up the mind to write an argumentative essay on domestic violence can choose an idea and make a stand, and then bring as many as possible supporting arguments to prove that the reader should take the author’s point of view. This is the main objective of all argumentative essays, and every student who’s got an assignment to write this type of academic paper should keep this in mind.

    Start your work with formulating the topic and your thesis statement. The examples of great topic for argumentative essay on domestic violence include “Negative Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children”, “Negative Effects Of Modern Mass Media Promoting Domestic Violence”, “Physical Abuse As The Most Harmful And Negative Form Of Domestic Violence”, “Sexual Abuse Can Turn Into A Killing Form Of Modern Domestic Violence”, and others. It is also a key point to formulate a concise and catchy thesis statement which would be interesting for your readers and will play a great role in attracting your readers’ attention. Make sure that your topic is not narrow enough so you’ll be having a lack of arguments to support your point of view. But at the same time, you topic should not be wide enough for you not to get lost in plenty of related materials.

    Collecting plenty of related materials will be the next step of your work on argumentative essay on domestic violence topic. Keep in mind that this is a kind of topic and a kind of academic essay which would win a lot from using some relevant statistics. Try to find the most up-to-date data from the reputable sources regarding the registered cases of domestic violence, or the data related to the effects of domestic violence on families or children, depending on the topic chosen. Make sure that you indicated the sources you took the information from. Though some essays may not require references, it is strongly recommended to make a proper reference list according to the requirements of the chosen formatting style, in order to avoid possible plagiarism issues and maximize your chances to get a good grade for your academic essay.

    Finally, focus on the writing part of your assignment. Write an one-two paragraph introduction for your essay on domestic violence, which would contain your thesis statement and prepare your reading for learning the supportive arguments you’ve chosen to add to your paper. Start working on the paper body and always follow the chosen persuasive writing style. Make sure that you present your arguments in a logical and clear manner. Write a clear and interesting conclusion to help your reader take your point of view. Do not forget to review your essay and make possible changes in your writing before submitting it to your instructor. Also, make sure that your academic essay on domestic violence is totally free from any grammar or spelling error. Good luck in your work!

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