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Whenever we hear the word festival a smile comes on our face. We think of clothes we would wear,food we would eat,gifts we would exchange,places we would visit,things we would do. But celebrating special days or festivals mean much more than that. There are many special days and festivals celebrated throughout the world. There is always a reason to celebrate and what better way to do it than with your family and friends. There are many festivals and special days celebrated throughout the world like Mother’s Day,Father’s Day ,International Woman’s Day,Christmas,New Year,Easter,Halloween,Earth Day,Youth Day,etc. In India,we celebrate the Children’s Day,Republic Day,Independence Day,Holi,Diwali,Dussehra,etc. We celebrate these festivals with our loved ones. Different people follow different customs and they celebrate different festivals according to their customs. In most of the festivals we worship God. Some special days are also celebrated in fond memory of great personalities.

Mehak Sahni,VIII C St Thomas’ School,Mandir Marg

There are many special days celebrated throughout the world. Some of them are funny and interesting,while others are traditional or religious. Every year,numerous days are celebrated with the aim of bringing people together. These days are celebrated with much zeal and zest all over the world in accordance with the culture and norms of a particular geographical area. But the basic and fundamental aim of celebration is to unite people and bring peace across the world. Celebrations make life more enjoyable and fun. For instance,in Vietnam,the mid-autumn festival is celebrated on the 14th day of the 8th lunar month annually. Children wear masks,have parties with cakes and lots of fruits. On Women’s Day,which falls on March 8,people celebrate the equality between men and women. Family members and friends give flowers and gifts to women members,to let them know they are cheriShed. Festivals are an occasion when we can express our feelings or our respect to someone we love. On Father’s Day or Mother’s Day,we give our parents gifts,flowers or greeting cards to express how we love them. On Teacher’s Day,students show their love and respect to teachers. Celebrations also remind people of important days,or a memorable event in history. Another important celebration is New Year’s Day. It is a time for all to recall the year gone by and get ready to welcome a brand new year,rife with promises. Celebrations are an integral part of us our lives.

Muskan Kumar,VIII-C St Thomas’ School,Mandir Marg

When it comes to Indian festivals,one can never go wrong in predicting that people want to have as pompous a celebration as anyone has ever seen or heard. Around the world an occasion is marked by colours ,special rituals and ceremonies. Festivals are an opportunity for people of different age groups and communities to come together and be part of something special. The feeling of oneness is inescapable and heartwarming. Be it sari-clad women or men in three-piece suits,its the feeling that sets the day apart. At the core of it,what makes everything truly worth it is a feeling of being part of something special. In one way or another,a special day is one in which you free your mind of everything and enjoy it as joyously as possible.

Bhawan Dixit,XI-B The Banyan Tree School,Lodhi Road

“I just want to celebrate another day of living…” is how the lyrics of a song by Rare Earth goes. Life,ideally speaking,should be one big celebration. Live life kingsize. We Indians are masters at organising celebrations. It can be a birthday or anniversary party,or festivals celebrated at the community level like Holi and Diwali,or those celebrated at the national level like the Independence Day and the Republic Day. All these days are celebrated on a grand scale. Everyone celebrates these occasions according to their means. While some celebrate it in a lavish was,the poor too celebrate these occasions in their own way. Celebrate festivals to the best of your ability. Save your conscience by following the social responsibility concept whenever possible. Celebrating an event or even watching a celebration definitely lifts your spirits. Automatically your feet start to move with the music and your worries take a back seat. You temporarily forget about the problems in your life. One of my friends,who is a psychiatrist,told me a very interesting fact. With the onset of festive season in October,the number of cases of people suffering from depression goes down. This makes me wish that why the festive season doesn’t last through the year. Celebration leads to happiness. We all have a right to be happy. Lets be happy and celebrate life together.

Tania Joshi,Vice-Principal The Indian School,Sadiq Nagar

A family is the most important part of one’s life. Every choice that one makes in life is influenced by our family,ranging from what clothes we wear to what stream we choose in Class XI. Our family completes us. So,in my opinion,any special day,celebrated around the world,would be incomplete without one’s family. After all,home is where mom is. Siblings playing cards together,troubling each other and enjoying a meal together is what makes any ordinary day special. Around the world,most special days are incomplete without a family gathering,as Christmas would be incomplete without the family feast.

Arpita Saggar,X-C The Indian School Class,Sadiq Nagar

“Special days specially come for us,if we miss them we miss everything.”

Every day is special for everyone,as time and tide waits for none. A day gone can never come back. Different people have different perceptions. Some think that every day is special for them. If it is not special,then they try to make it special in some way.For others,special days are festivals and birthdays. Both are celebrated with much fun all over the world. And the best thing about such days is that they bring family members and friends closer to each other and help in strengthening inter-personal bonds. In India,everyone come together and share their joy during festivals with great enthusiasm. Such celebrations help kill enmity and ill-feelings. People present gifts to each other in order to strengthen their relationship. In many parts of the country,people throw big parties to spread happiness all around.

K Divya,XI Mount Carmel School,Anand Niketan

Each day is a special day if each moment is lived completely. There are certain days which are unforgettable. These could be some festivals,birthdays or weddings. Some people celebrate them with a great enthusiasm,while others aren’t fortunate enough to even think about celebrating them. People spend quite a lot on parties which is not worth it. There are wastage of food,decorations and expensive gifts. Special days should be celebrated by giving love and delight. Some festivals cause much pollution and other environment hazards. But days like Environment Day and Earth day as well as the birthdays of luminaries create awareness among people.

Ojasvi Jain,X-B The Indian School Class,Sadiq Nagar

Special days throughout the world rejuvenate people,fill the surroundings with happiness,joy and delight. Every person in the country heartily celebrates and takes part in special days,whether it is a festival or a special day for some cause. No one can restrict himself or herself of their participation. For instance,throughout the world,Christmas celebration begins a month earlier. In India,during Diwali there are lights,joy and fun everywhere. I believe that the celebration of these special days bring people together. Everyone feels proud of their country’s culture and forgets their differences. Even when the special day is to mark some serious and solemn cause such as the International Day Against Poverty or International AIDS Day,everyone readily takes part in it.

Tanya Gupta ,X-A St Mark’s Sr Sec Public School,Meera Bagh

Festival is a name which arouses a feeling of happiness,unity and peace among us. It is a special occasion of feasting or celebration,that is usually religious. There are many different festivals such as Halloween,Saturnalia and Christmas. Festivals are celebrated in different ways by different people. Every festival has its own specific importance as they teach us different things. The seven billion people in the world have many different cultures and traditions. Being a religious country, India itself celebrates more than 100 festivals in a year. Every festival is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm. Every religion celebrates its own festivals and there are many legends attached with each festival. These stories tell us why a festival is celebrated and also exhorts people to do good and be kind. For example,Diwali teaches us that truth always wins,that light always dispels darkness. Festivals also have many positive impact. They are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm by all. The Hindus,Sikhs,Christians and Muslims celebrate different festivals. The Muslims celebrate Id- Ul- Fitr by fasting for the month of Ramzan.

Sikh celebrates Lohri by dancing around a fire made of logs brought from their grandparents’ homes on the day of La Lee.

Christians celebrate Christmas by with decorated trees and Santa Claus and gifts.

All religions have their special days and these are celebrated with much fervour. But the message of all these festivals are the same. They help spread the message of peace,love and togetherness. Festivals also give people a chance to take a break from their hectic lives and have fun or even rest awhile. So,everyone waits anxiously for the festival day to come.

But sadly,people forget to follow the things taught by a festival. Every festival has a story to it.These stories make the festival holy.

A festival also makes a person worship God whole-heartedly. Festivals also help do away with differences in caste and religion and unite everyone.

Festivals are of many types and serve to meet specific needs and to provide entertainment.

These days,celebrations offer a sense of belonging for religious,social or geographical groups. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival is celebrated in  China by building incredible structure using ice and snow and decorating them with lights. 

Pingxi Lantern festival is celebrated in Taiwan by writing wishes on fire lanterns and releasing them into the sky en masse,creating a beautiful spectacle of floating lights. In this way,every festival has different purposes and they are celebrated differently throughout the world.

Utsav Akarshan,VII-A M L Khanna DAV Public School,Dwarka

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Ravan Dahan - Navratri Festival

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Navaratri, Dussehra and Diwali - Most Spectacular of All

From the start of October till the end of November, it is the time when entire country is tinged in colors of celebrations, enthusiasm and devotion. It all starts with the nine day festival named 'Navaratri'. It is named so, because the festival literally continues for nine nights. This nine day festival is celebrated for worshiping three divine goddesses, Durga (Goddess of Power), Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth), and Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge). Dussehra, the tenth day is the most important day of the festival. After 21 one days comes the biggest celebration time, the festival of Diwali. This is the most awaited period by millions of Hindus in the country. In fact, the festive mood engulfs one and all, irrespective of their religion and beliefs. During the months of October and November, the levels of excitement and energy are touching the skies. For shopaholics, there is no better time than this to explore the many Indian markets as every shop provides exciting offers and discounts on almost everything. One will see most extravagant celebrations in the city of Mumbai. The festivities do not end here. Festivals like Govardhan Puja and Bhai Dooj come in quick successions. Though the exact dates are set according to the Indian lunar calendar. The rituals performed during the festivals varies in different parts of the country.

Enchanting Experinces of Dussehra

The day when King Ravana was defeated by Lord Rama is the day we celebrate as Dussehra. More than anybody else, kids are the one who enthusiastically look forward to this day. In the morning, all you see will be huge statues of King Ravana standing in open grounds. The sheer size of them will give you a hint that something special is on offer. The burning of effigies is one of the most the most spectacular events of the year. And there is no better place than Delhi's Ramlila ground to be at, for this splendid moment. What makes the event special here is that there are three gigantic effigies instead of one. Feel the excitement and enthusiasm grow among the spectators as the portraits are set ablaze. The noises will grow loud but notice the silence of expectation gripping one and all. The biggest surprise for you is still to come. The effigies are completely stuffed with firecrackers and as they start going off, all you hear will be, well nothing except the crackers.

Diwali - Time For Joyous Celebrations

21 days after Dussehra comes the most awaited festival in India, Diwali. Celebrated as a day when Lord Rama returned home after his 14 year exile, it is definitely the brightest of all festivals. The preparation for the festival starts from as early as one month before. During this period, just step out and you will be engulfed by an atmosphere of festivities and jubilations. Diwali is called the festival of lights and once you see the decorations, you will come to know why. Every house, every street, every corner is decorated and lit up to the hilt. Though the earthen lamps have been replaced by scintillating electric lights to a huge extent, but still, many households use the earthen lamps for the decoration. Shopping is the main activity that people indulge in during the season. Sweets and gifts for self and relatives are the main items that are brought around this time. On the evening of Diwali, Goddess Laxmi is worshiped for wealth and prosperity. You will be amazed to know that on this day, people don't lock their homes as they believe that Goddess Laxmi might turn away if the doors are locked. Well lights and decorations are all magical to see but that is not the main attractions of the day. Wait till the night falls. You are all set for some magnificent fireworks. The skies will light up and the atmosphere will reverberate with the sounds of crackers. Being n India during Diwali is nothing less than magical experience.

Exuberance of Mumbai Celebrations

If you are looking for some high volume and high glitter entertainment during the festive season, then Mumbai is the place for you. Throughout the city, huge shows which are absolutely lavish and extravagant, are organized. The shine and shimmer of Mumbai celebrations will sweep you off your feet. The shows are either held in huge grounds or in grand halls of five star hotels. The exclusiveness is further added to famous by singers and actors who come here to perform. In Mumbai, Dandiya nights during Navaratri, are simply spellbinding. Huge number of people take part in the dandiya dance performances making it an absolute treat to watch. Scores of people from all parts of the country and even abroad, visit Mumbai to be a part of such exuberant celebrations. Durga Puja in Mumbai is also something that attracts exceptional number visitors. The energy that flows through the celebrations will leave you mesmerized. The already sparkling Mumbai, further brightens itself by adding more decorations and colors to homes and streets.

The Divine Time of Durga Puja in West Bengal

The time of Durga Puja in West Bengal calls for huge celebrations through out the state. The Puja start on the sixth day of the Navaratri and ends in the evening of the tenth day. The celebrations start with welcoming Goddess Durga and ends with the immersion of idol of the goddess in a river or a lake. Although it is believed that the idol must be immersed in the sacred River Ganges. The preparation for the festival starts way early. Even the idol making starts a month in advance. The idols for the puja are made from clay the traditional way. During the festive days, almost every locality in the state sets up their own Pandal (tents for the puja). Special care is given to the decoration of pandal as well. The best decorations are done inside the pandal. Cultural programmes by the locales are organized on every day of the Puja. The performances carry on through out the day.

Dance To The Tunes of Garba And Dandiya in Gujarat

If West Bengal is famous for the Durga Puja celebrations, Gujarat is renowned for its Garba and Dandiya-ras Dance. The dances are performed throughout the nine days of Navaratri. In the morning, people indulge in the puja rituals, and in the evening, go to the social gatherings where almost everyone takes part in the dance performances. Garba Dance is performed only by the women. Another famous dance is the dandiya-ras that is performed by both men and women together. Every performer holds two sticks called dandiya in their hands while dancing. At the end of the performance, the best dance performers get a prize. The dance is particularly famous among the youngsters as the dance literally turns into a match making event, though elders as well participate actively in the dance. The dances continue through out the night that make it extremely popular among people. The energy and excitement of the performers will sweep you of your feet. Many such functions are organized almost in all localities of the state. Citizens, after finishing their household works, step out in their new and best attire. And the colors of the dresses will simply leave you spellbound.

Become a Part of Stunning Celebrations

Nothing brings the whole India closer than these nine days. Entire country is lost in the same mood of fervor and festivities. Nine days of Navaratri are the most awaited period of an year, so people put in their every effort to make the festival as grand as possible. Visit India during this period and get yourself introduced you to a new way of extravagant celebrations and utmost devotion.

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