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    I am about to go into my third year of Applied Psychology at undergraduate and I am considering applying for a PGCE in Primary Education. I am almost 30 years old and haven't had any recent experience in schools but have worked in different settings where I have worked with children (self employed personal trainer, support worker for disabled people).

    If I was able to obtain some experience in a primary school next month, is it possible to still have a good chance of being selected for an interview?


  • i am 29 and in my last year of a law degree with the OU, just my free choice module to go starting this october. i am hoping to start my PGCE next september. Minimum 10 days needed experience but i am hoping to set up some regular days with my daughters school in order to get as much experience as i can in the mean time.

  • As RaspberryPine has said, the minimum for most courses is 10 days. Some course providers place more value on experience than others so will be seeking more than this, others will happily take on people with less. Your application won't be judged on experience alone, so even if you fall short of what they're is looking for in that regard, they can still offer you a place with a condition that you gain more experience before the course begins. You will just have to try and get as much experience as you can and see what happens. You can always state in your application that your volunteer work is ongoing. This shows commitment.

  • Postgraduate PGCE Personal Statement

    My first experience of teaching was participating in a peer-education scheme in the sixth form. Standing before 30 expectant faces, I discovered that prepared worksheets and bold posters about drugs had to be delivered through dynamic teaching. I had assisted at social events at a local primary school, but find interactions with older students, such as mentoring freshers, to be more fulfilling. I also enjoy the academic challenge of reviewing personal statements online and offering advice. Using a balance of tact and criticism, I call upon my advanced specialist English knowledge to provide appropriate feedback. Part I of the *****DEGREE**** introduced me to literature from 1300 to the present day, giving me a foundation in nearly all periods of literature. Practical Criticism has enabled me to approach an alien text with confidence and quickly analyse and explore alternative ways of thinking. The intensive nature of the degree demands an ability to investigate and assimilate lots of material quickly.

    Undertaking a week’s work experience at *************** has solidified my resolve to become a secondary school teacher. I was able to observe English, media and drama lessons across the range of ages and abilities – from yr 7 to upper sixth. Familiarising myself with curriculum attainment targets for keystages 3-5 prior to my visit helped me to understand progression and gave a basis for professional discussions about how the learning and teaching objectives are fulfilled through schemes of work. I enjoyed observing learning and was given the opportunity to teach part of a lesson using an interactive whiteboard. I also directed small group work in drama, answered raised hands and helped with yr 10 coursework drafts. In some classes, students exhibited challenging behaviour which made me realise that teachers need to be flexible and in possession of a range of classroom management strategies and discipline systems.

    Serving on the pharmacy counter at Boots called for the demonstration of sensitivity and confidentiality: I learnt to build rapport and trust with a customer quickly. Being part of an apprentice-style team taught me how to learn from highly qualified professionals in a work environment and in turn, pass on training to new staff. Keeping abreast of current legislation was imperative and being regularly assessed was normal practise. My part-time work sometimes involved dealing with confrontation in a professional manner. My extra curricular interests are mainly creative and social in nature – I am a member of the Dancers’ and Massage societies and am a keen photographer and artist.

    I financed my summer inter-railing trip myself. I thoroughly prepared for the trip, and while travelling learnt a lot about self-sufficiency and resourcefulness. Problem solving without a network was frightening but manageable and I survived with amazing memories and experiences.

    My travels and studies have taught me a lot about self-direction. I am computer literate and created a website about the organisational aspects of my travels and have received much positive feedback about its usefulness. I believe my communication and organisational skills, combined with my willingness to learn and enable others to learn, make me an ideal candidate for a PGCE.

    University applied to:

    • Manchester University (Offer)

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