Sairaudet Unessay

The now famous water bottle shot.

Much to the surprise of Downton fans everywhere, our favorite show has been getting some unexpected press this week.  Known for their attention to historical accuracy,  sharp eyed fans were aghast when a plastic water bottle was spotted on the Crawley  mantle in a Season 5 promotional photo released on Instagram.  The photo has since been taken down, but has the damage was already done.  It has since made the rounds on social media and broadcast news shows across the country. Alastair Bruce, the show’s historical advisor, will certainly have been in a huddle with Julian Fellowes over this slip up.  Even if they have a bit of egg on their face, in the end though, there is something to be said for the saying “there is no such thing as bad publicity”.  In fact, lemons have now been turned into lemonade as the cast has now posed in a fun photo to help support the UK agency WaterAid. 

Speaking of eggs, today’s dish is a simple one: poached eggs. Poached eggs are easy to make and keep for a larger group for your weekend brunch.   It is one of those dishes that Mrs. Patmore would have taught Sybil once she mastered boiling an egg.  I make them almost every week for Lord D, and it is one of the 220 recipes in my book, Abbey Cooks Entertain, but for some reason I have not shared it here.   A simple dish, all you need is fresh eggs, a pot of water, a bit of vinegar and 4 minutes.

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