Special Assignment Sabc 3 Survivor


Follow The Leader: (03 April 2017 Monday at 20:30 -21:00)



Financial Expert Farnoosh Torabi hosts Follow the Leader, a Series that shadows industry forerunners to learn their secrets of success. In each half-hour episode, Torabi spends several days following a different business leader in order to understand what it takes to make it big.


The Hostess With Lorna Maseko:  (04 April 2017 Tuesday at 20:30 - 21:00)




“The Hostess” is an event hosting show rather than focus on cooking. Lorna Maseko is the hostess on call who specializes in multi-disciplined themed parties – the themes are exciting and will be very reflective of our diversity. This promises to be a visual spectacle with the promise that every event will be picture perfect and with its aspirational viewing content promises appointment viewing.


Driving in Heels:  (04 April 2017 Tuesday at 21:00 - 21:30)




Geared towards female motorists, “Driving in Heels” is a presenter driven show hosted by motoring journalist, Vuyi Mpofu. It is a 24 minute entertaining lifestyle magazine show packed with fascinating information: car reviews, driving techniques, and basic maintenance etc. …basically anything to do with vehicles of all descriptions.


Adventure Capitalist: (05 April 2017 Wednesday at 15:00-16:00)

Adventure Capitalists gives entrepreneurs the chance to showcase their product in the environment it's designed for ─ the great outdoors!

Dinner Date: (05 April 2017 Wednesday at 19:30 -20:30)



“Dinner Date” puts love on the menu for single guys and girls. Contestants are given five menus, each to put together by a potential blind date. The five ladies or men behind the menus have all come up with a three course meal but the contestant will only be having dinner with three of them. He/she will choose their dates based on the menus they most like the look of. But when the dinners have been eaten and the dates are done, who will they want to see for seconds?


Tyres and Braaiers: (05 April 2017 Wednesday at 20:30 - 21:00)

Two presenters, a world class chef and a comedian, travel 5 provinces in a pimped up vehicle showcasing a bit of South Africa on route to a braai.  13 Individuals and their friends will meet our presenters over a good old braai.

Uyanda: It’s on :( 05 April 2017 Wednesday at 21:00 - 21:30)

“Uyanda: It’s On”  is a fresh, exclusive peek into the fast-paced, jet-setting lifestyle of media and entertainment entrepreneur, Uyanda Mbuli, as she expands and deepens the roots of her growing lifestyle and entertainment brand beyond the African continent.


Thula’s Vine: (06 April 2017 Thursday at 19:30 - 20:30)

Thula is a charming, well-known radio personality who is living the life in Jozi, when she is caught having a secret affair with a well-regarded, married politician. When she flees to her rural farm home to escape the escalating media scandal, we learn that the owner of the farm, a white man, was her father, who had an affair with a local black woman and became pregnant with Thula. After many years of being away from home, Thula is now forced to face her estranged relationships with her older white sister, her activist black brother and her biological black mother. To make matters worse, Thula learns that her older sister is planning on selling the family farm where she grew up and her older black brother is fighting the sale, claiming that the land belongs to the black community. A bitter battle ensues between the farm owners and labourers and Thula is put in a difficult position of having to choose one side of her family over the other. 

Soap On A Rope: (07 April 2017 Friday at 19:30 - 20:00)

A comedy-drama unfolding on the set and behind-the-scenes of a struggling South African soap-opera. “Soap On A Rope” is a comedy drama taking viewers behind the scenes on a struggling, mediocre South African soap opera – a whirlpool of drama, divas, hopes, dreams, plots, affairs and secrets…and laughter! “Soap On A Rope” is not a classic sitcom; it has series long story arcs and cliff hangers. It draws on and combines our experience in comedies like Suburban Bliss and daily drama like Isidingo.

Is That A Fact?: (08 April 2017 Saturday at 16:00-17:00)

Is That A Fact” is a celebrity-panel comedy game show hosted by irreverent comedian Chris Forrest that tests celebrities’ gift for fiction. Well known for their charm, charisma and weird and wonderful stories from the glitzy world of showbiz but have you ever wondered how many of these celebrity stories are true? “Is That A Fact” will separate the balderdash from the real but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Each week, four celebrity panelists will take on the audience and each other in a variety of cleverly-imagined, truth-discerning games designed to keep audiences guessing while simultaneously tickling the funny bone.  Watch each week as celebrities spin extraordinary tales in pursuit of that exclusive and much-coveted prize: bragging rights!

The Good Life: (08 April 2017 Saturday at 18:30 -19:00)

The Good Life is an original series in which radio host, Ernest Pillay, takes the audience on a nostalgic musical journey with some of South Africa’s influential icons.  Ernest and his guest share their music playlist; and one get to know their personal stories and insight to their good life….

The Backstory: (09 April 2017 Sunday at 21:30-22:30)

“The Backstory” is a 13 part series; a rare access journey into the multi-layered and fast paced lifestyles of celebrated individuals. Packaged inside a documentary format, the series narrates the story of each character’s rise to the echelons of their industry while also showcasing their artistry as well as the people behind them, be it family/friends or associates. A celebration of life in the limelight… from comedians, world famous chefs to celebrated musicians that have become household names on SABC 3.


Survivor 29:  (04 April 2017 Tuesday at 19:30 - 20:30)

“Survivor: San Juan del Sur”, also known as Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water, is the 29th season of Survivor. This season revived the format of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, in which pairs of loved ones were split to create the initial tribes. However, San Juan del Sur departed from the precedent set by Blood vs. Water in one respect, as it featured only new contestants. The season saw one quit and has to date produced three returning players for subsequent seasons.


Afternoon Express: (03 April 2017 Monday-Friday at 16:00-17:00)

“Afternoon Express” is going to be sexy, inspirational and definitely on trend. The show will boast live music performances, competitions and real-time audience interaction via social media. “The Afternoon Express” offers style, personality, creativity and informative entertainment

Real Talk: (03 April 2017 Monday-Friday at 17:00-18:00)

“Real Talk” is a daytime variety talk show presented by the effervescent Anele Mdoda. The show features social commentary on current, cultural and lifestyle topics, as well as entertaining interviews with top SA and international celebs, entertainers, sporting figures and online influencers. In Real Talk, Anele unpacks relevant everyday topics in the warm and engaging style she is known for.  Always witty and always fresh – “Real Talk” covers all the subjects women love, like world news, entertainment, family, health, technology, finance and trends. Real Talk is an exciting contrast between famous and fresh faces, news and opinion, fact and fun.

Special Assignment: (03 April 2017 Monday at 21:00-21:30)

“Special Assignment” continues to bring its viewers award-winning investigative documentaries but adds a ‘breaking News Report” segment that consists on shorter documentary inserts on important events that shape and determine the history of our country.

Days of Our Lives: (03 April 2017 Monday-Friday at 22:30-23:30)

For over one-third of a century, those words have introduced and underscored one of daytime drama’s rare mainstays. NBC’s “Days of our Lives,” first premiered as a half-hour drama in 1965 and expanded to an hour 10 years later. Today, it remains a consistent favorite among viewers of daytime television serials.

Soapies back to back: Bold & Beautiful: (03 April 2017 Monday-Friday at 18:30-19:00) & Isidingo (03 April 2017 Monday-Friday at 19:00-19:30)

News: (03 April 2017 Monday-Friday at 18:00-18:30)

SABC3’s daily news bulletin covers the latest breaking news locally and internationally. From political topics, sports, human interest stories and daily weather updates, the 6pm bulletin will definitely keep viewers updated with global news.


Soapie Repeat Block (3rd April 2017 Monday – Friday at 10:00 – 12:00)

7DE Laan and Muvhango repeats returns to SABC 3


Today on SABC 3

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

On DSTV Channel 193

03:29 Rookies

04:29 Deutsche Welle

05:00 Challenge SOS

05:30 The Magic World Of Luna-Belle

06:00 Kids' News And Current Affairs

06:30 Expresso

09:00 Real Talk With Anele

10:00 The Bold And The Beautiful

10:30 7de Laan

11:00 Isidingo: The Need

11:30 Muvhango

12:00 Relic Hunter

13:00 News



13:30 Africa News Update

14:00 Close Up

14:30 Eish Saan

15:00 The Mavericks

15:30 #WTFTumi

16:30 Afternoon Express

17:30 The Bold And The Beautiful

18:00 Real Talk With Anele

19:00 Isidingo: The Need

19:30 The Amazing Race

20:30 The Hostess With Lorna Maseko

21:00 News

21:30 #WTFTumi

22:30 Base 3

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