Church History Middle Ages Timeline Assignment

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Welcome to The Church History Timeline.

The timeline was originally created as a project for a church history class at Covenant Presbyterian Seminary, the seminary for the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). My intention is to provide a resource for the whole Church. The timeline is intended as an overview, to give "the big picture" of some of the major events in the church in the last couple of millennia.

I've linked keywords in the timeline to the coolest and most useful information I could find on the web. Whenever I could find the text of the documents mentioned, I've linked to those.

If I mention a document or person in the timeline, but do not have it linked to the text, it's because I couldn't find it (or haven't yet, anyway). If you know where it is on the web, please tell me. E-mail suggestions to

Because of the expansive use of links in the timeline, it would be a good idea to click the "Home" button and then bookmark the page. That way you can easily find your way back. The sites that are linked to are all worth mulling over for a while.

Church History



  1. Church History Learning Targets (PDF)
  2. BC & AD Highlights and Lowlights (PDF)
  3. #ChurchHistory (PDF), Overview of Salvation History (PDF)
  4. Church History – Visual Timeline (complete) (PDF)
  5. Church History Notes (for in-class note-taking) (PDF)




  1. Church History Notes – *Introduction (PDF)

1 – Creation Out of Nothing

  1. Church History Notes – 1 Creation Out of Nothing (PDF)
  2. Creation Sequence from the movie Noah (video web link)
  3. Creation – By Outside da Box (video web link)
  4. List of Catholic Priest–Scientists – Wikipedia (PDF)
  5. Fr. Georges Lemaître, Founder of The Big Bang Theory (PDF)
  6. Pope Francis – Faith & Science (PDF)

2 – Adam and Eve

  1. Church History Notes – 2 Adam & Eve (PDF)

3 – The Fall

  1. Church History Notes – 3 The Fall (PDF)

4 – The Izzies (Israelites) Ups and Downs

  1. Church History Notes – 4 The Izzies Ups & Downs (PDF)

5 – Priests, Prophets, and Kings

  1. Church History Notes – 5 Priests, Prophets, and Kings (PDF)
  2. Lamb of God pictures (PDF)

6 – Messianic Prophecies

  1. Church History Notes – 6 Messianic Prophecies (PDF)
  2. Messianic Prophecies – What am I? (PDF)
  3. Messianic Prophecies worksheet (PDF)
  4. 17 Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus (PDF)
  5. 354 Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus (PDF)

7 – Biblical Typology

  1. Church History Notes – 7 Biblical Typology (PDF)
  2. Biblicaly Typology worksheet (PDF)
  3. Biblical Typology Keynote (PDF)
  4. Jonah Bibleshort (video web link), Abraham and Isaac Bibleshort (video web link)

8 – Old Testament Completed

  1. Church History Notes – 8 Old Testament Completed (PDF)

9 – The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus

  1. Church History Notes – 9 The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus (PDF)
  2. How long has it been since Jesus was born? (web link)

10 – Jesus Starts the Catholic Church

  1. Church History Notes – 10 Jesus Starts the Catholic Church (PDF)

11 – New Testament Completed

  1. Church History Notes – 11 New Testament Completed (PDF)

12 – The Age of Martyrs

  1. Church History Notes – 12 The Age of Martyrs (PDF)
  2. The Age of Martyrs Keynote (PDF)

13 – Constantine Legalizes Christianity

  1. Church History Notes – 13 Constantine Legalizes Christianity (PDF)
  2. Constantine Legalizes Christianity (PDF)

14 – The Great Schism

  1. Church History Notes – 14 The Great Schism (PDF)
  2. The Orthodox Church Keynote (PDF)
  3. Eastern Catholic Rites Chart (PDF)

15 – The Church’s Ups and Downs

  1. Church History Notes – 15 The Church’s Ups & Downs (PDF)
  2. The Church’s Ups & Downs Keynote (PDF), The Church’s Ups and Downs Class Notes (PDF)

16 – The Protestant Reformation

  1. Church History Notes – 16 The Protestant Reformation (PDF)
  2. The Protestant Reformation Keynote (PDF), The Protestant Reformation Class Notes (PDF)

17 – The Enlightenment

  1. Church History Notes – 17 The Enlightenment (PDF)
  2. The Enlightenment Keynote (PDF)

18 – Vatican II

  1. Church History Notes – 18 Vatican II (PDF)
  2. Vatican II Keynote (PDF)
  3. The Church is an Ark (Cathedral of St. Paul wave art) (PDF)
  4. The Barque of Peter (Catholic Church Diagram) (PDF)


  1. Church History Notes – 18* Conclusion (PDF)



  1. Church History Test Study Guide (PDF)
  2. ChurchHistoryC-a-T (Word doc)
  3. Church History Crossword Puzzle (PDF)
  4. Church History Event Pictures (put the events in order) (PDF)
  5. Church History – Visual Timeline (without event names) (PDF)
  6. Church History – Visual Timeline (without event names or dates) (PDF)
  7. Church History Project Instructions & Rubric (PDF), ChurchHistoryProject (Word doc)
  8. ChurchHistoryProject – Good Example (PDF), ChurchHistoryProject – Bad Example (PDF)



  1. A Brief History of the Catholic Church (PDF)
  2. Catholics Come Home commercial (video web link)
  3. ABriefHistoryoftheCatholicChurch (Word doc)
  4. Church History Event Descriptions worksheet (PDF)


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