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MBA & Executive MBA: Application Deadlines, Acceptance Notifications, Class Start Dates

This article gives information about application deadlines for the next MBA and Executive MBA classes, as well as when you'll receive you acceptance notifications, and the start dates of classes. Remember that your application is enhanced by completing our Business Foundations courses - those courses are unlocked the moment you sign up with Smartly. So be sure to get started on them right away!

MBA 2018 March Class 

Round 1 Deadline: February 4, 2018 (by 11:59PM PST)    
Round 2 Deadline: March 4, 2018 (by 11:59PM PST)    
Acceptance Decision sent by: March 14, 2018
Courses begin: March 26, 2018

Executive MBA 2018 March Class 
Round 1 Deadline: February 4, 2018 (by 11:59PM PST)    
Round 2 Deadline: March 4, 2018 (by 11:59PM PST)    
Acceptance Decision sent by: March 14, 2018
Courses begin: April 2, 2018

Q: What is a deadline?

A: Individual deadlines are determined by the Occupational Therapy programs, NOT by OTCAS. Each program interprets its deadline differently; some schools want your application e-submitted by the deadline, in which case once the online application is turned in you have fulfilled the deadline. Others want it completed online, which means that OTCAS has received all of your transcripts and your fee payment in addition to having submitted your application. Finally, some schools want the application verified, which can take up to FOUR WEEKS from the completion date. You should review the program page or contact the program directly to determine how they define their deadline date. It is the applicant’s responsibility to research each program they wish to apply to before submitting their application.

Q: Can I request a deadline extension?

A: If the deadline of your program has expired, you may contact the individual program to request a deadline extension. If your request is granted, the program will contact OTCAS directly. OTCAS CANNOT authorize a deadline extension, it must come directly program the OT program.

Q: What will happen if my transcript and/or payment arrive after the program deadline date? Will OTCAS process my application?

OTCAS will continue to process your application normally even if your transcripts, references, and payment are received after the deadline. However, OT programs may not consider your application if they consider your application or any required materials as late. If you want to determine whether late materials will disqualify you, contact the program directly.

Q: Do all OT programs have the same deadline?

No, each program establishes its own deadline. You can find these deadline instructions by reviewing the OTCAS program pages on the OTCAS site. Once you e-Submit your application, you will not be able to make any changes to the majority of the sections, but you will be able to add additional designations if you decide that there are more programs to which you would like to apply. Please keep in mind that you cannot make changes when you add these additional programs. Your application should be complete to your satisfaction before you e-Submit your first designation(s).

Q: Are applications processed with deadlines in mind? Can OTCAS expedite my application to meet a deadline?

A: NO. OTCAS applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis by completion date. OTCAS cannot expedite individual applications.

Q: Can I obtain a refund if I miss a deadline?

A: No. OTCAS does not provide refunds for missed deadlines or failure of the applicant to correctly complete the application. As stated in the OTCAS policies, which all applicants must agree to upon submitting their application, it is up to the applicant to monitor their application’s status and ensure that it is completed correctly and that all materials arrive at OTCAS on time.

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