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Terrorism In Pakistan(Seniors please check my essay)

Terrorism in Pakistan
1. Introduction
2. Definition of terrorism
3. What is terrorism?
4. Islams response to terrorism
5. Causes of terrorism:
1-Socio economic causes
I. Injustice
2. Illiteracy
3. Overpopulation
4. Unemployment
5. No rule of law
6. Poverty
7. Inflation
8. Corruption
9. Dissatisfaction
10. Food insecurity
11. Inequality
12. Mismanagement
13. Lack of accountability
14. Favoritism
2. Political Causes
1. Political instability
2. Democratic failures
3. Clash between executive and judiciary
4. Absence of law and order
5. Influx of refugees
6 . Weaponisation
7. Drug trafficking
8. Mass massacre
9. Political gains
10. Feudalism
Religious causes:
1. Religious intolerance
2. Secterianism
3. Role of religious madressahs.
4. Religious elites indulgence in corruption
5. Misunderstanding of religion
6. Futile desire of heaven
7. Portray negative image
8. Material gains
9. Selfish motives
External causes
1. Afghanistan War 1979
2. Iranian Revolution
3. War on Terrorism9/11
4. External influence
5. International conspiracies
6. Role played by India
Factors Instigating Terrorism
1. Anti –terrorism campaign
2. Drone strikes
3. Negligence of Government
4. Persecution of innocent Muslims
.Kashmir issue
.Palestine issue
5. Impacts of terrorism
1. Insecurity
2. Political Instability
3. Infrastructure damage
4. Economic turmoil
5. Civilians loss
6. Diminishing Tourism
7. Declining FDI

6. Steps Recommended By Government:
Ban on Terror Boosting Organizations
Operation Rah-e-Nijat
Operation Rah-e-Rast
7. Triangular Relationship to Curb Terrorism:

8. Efforts to Vacate By 2014:
9. Critical Analysis
10. Conclusion

God has created this beautiful world with immense love and kindness. With Enormous affection Allah Almighty has given birth to his lovable creatures. He has given multiple colors to this world. He has formed Rivers, Oceans, Mountains, Stars and several other creations for the pleasure of mankind. He has given millions of shades to this mortal world. All are made for the gratification of human beings. Unfortunately, Human beings did not understand the motives of the creation of this world. Destruction and turmoil have become the fashion of the day. Terrorism is the gravest foam of destruction and disaster. It damages the internal as well as external infrastructure of every country. Insecurity and mental pressure have created a sense of self deprivation among masses.
At present, Pakistan has been facing the gigantic problem of terrorism. It has become the fashion of the day. It is regarded as headache for federation and a nightmare for public. It has colossal roots which spread inside the internal as well as external boundaries of Pakistan. Although it is global issue yet Pakistan has to bear the brunt of it. Pakistan’s involvement in war against terrorism has further fuel the fire. We are facing war like situation in Pakistan .This daunting situation is caused due to several factors. These factors included the followings which are summarized as below: Political instability, social injustice, inequality, self deprivation, religious intolerance, external hands and international conspiracies.
The term terrorism has been used millions of times around the whole globe. It is pertinent to know about the meaning of this soul trembling word. Terrorism is a use of force to create harassment. It is also used to create an environment of fear and violence. Basically there is no Specific definition of the term terrorism. International law has no definition to define or elaborate this term. Use of Authority for personal gains is also indicating towards terrorism.
A handful of people who have their vicious interests to fulfill have not only taken the lives of millions of innocent lives but also defamed the pious image of Islam. Terrorist’s acts like suicide bombings have become norm of the day. On account of these attacks Pakistan is suffering from huge loss ranging from civilian to economics. People have become numerical figure blowing up in every minute.
Terrorists have not left any place vacant. They spread around the whole country. Markets, shrines, mosques, hotels, gardens and educational institutes all are now under the thumb of just one click of terrorists. They blasted everything. They are responsible for the innocent lives of people. They hold special place in hell.
Islam is the pious religion around the whole orb. Purity of Islam reflects from the teachings of Holy Prophet PbUH.It always gives the message of peace , prosperity , kindness, justice, equality and love. Islam forbids all kinds of corrupt activities. Massacre of innocent lives are highly reprehensible in Islam. Committing cruel activities are forbidden in pious religion Islam. Islam openly negated terrorism.
Religion of Islam Advocates freedom, peace, mutual disagreement and admonishes aggression.
Now let’s have a cursory look on the following verses of holy Quran which indicates the fact.
“Do not aggress; God dislikes the aggressors”.
On another place holy Quran clearly says, “You shall resort to pardon, advocate tolerance and disregard the ignorant”.
In Islam an immense emphasizes has been laid upon love and sympathy towards all creatures. God has directed to be polite in speaking. Thus Islam is the perfect religion of the world; it condemned all stances of terrorism. How can a terrorist wish for heaven? They are directly assigning their place in hell.
Now let’s have a cursory look on the causes of terrorism. Terrorism is a crime. It is now become a hard nut to crack for the triangular countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan, and USA).The causes of terrorism is divided into spheres; internal causes and external causes. Internal causes further divided into socio -economic causes, political causes and religious causes. External causes include Soviet incursion of Afghanistan 1979, Iranian revolution, War on terrorism 9/11 and international conspiracies.

Now let’s have a watch on internal causes of terrorism. First of all, socio economic challenges this aggravated the already deteriorating conditions. It includes injustice, inequality, poverty, unemployment, Inflation, food insecurity, threat, dissatisfaction, illiteracy, over abundant population and massive corruption. It is very important to know these causes.
Injustice has been spreading since Independence. After the emergence of Pakistan, as a sovereign nation in the world map, it has encircled with several issues related to injustice. Lower class people are always suffering. No proper system of justice is present. Questions remain unanswered. Millions of people came from Indo Pakistan Subcontinent to fulfill their shattered dreams but all hopes were shattered by feudal class. This mighty class deprived people to obtain their due share. This class joined hand together with chief officers and usurped the rights of uneducated innocent people, who even did not know the hard realities of life.
Second issue which Pakistan has been facing as a threat is massive unemployment. The ratio of unemployment is increasing day by day. It created a big gap between developed nation and developing nation. Employment is now become the need of an hour. Without money you cannot survive in this materialistic world. Terrorism spreads like a giant because of unemployment; innocent people are trapped by terrorists. They give all amenities and facilities in shape of monetary foam. They pay heavy amount to them and in returns fulfill their selfish motives. They ruined the young generation. Proper channel of employment should be introduced. This disease should be removed. It is biggest challenge which is the root of all evils.
Third cause of terrorism is illiteracy, which should be removed instantly. In Pakistan illiterate person can easily be cheated by sharp minded terrorist. They only want to gain their motives. They can easily ruined the life’s of people .they have no feelings for others. They are burning in the own flame of revenge. They can destroy the lives of people. Illiteracy rate should only be decreased by promoting the importance of education. Campaign should be introduced. Government should introduce new ways to spread education in downtrodden areas. Illiteracy is more in Baluchistan, KP, and Fata and in the rural areas of Sindh and Punjab. This evil is eating the roots of Pakistan.
Fourth problem of Pakistan is poverty. Poverty is a term which has been derived from the Latin word pauper means poor. Poverty refers to a condition having less or fewer resources than others. According to various institutional reports I t has been identified that poverty is the main reason of terrorism. According to undp, 65.5 percent population of Pakistan has been earning their livelihood on 2$per day.
Another report of Spdc has revealed clearly the poverty status of Pakistan, 65.5percent in Baluchistan, 58.5 percent in NWFP, 28percent in Punjab, 21 percent in sindh.
According to World Bank report Poverty is spreading as a giant’s deficiently suffered because of World economic recession.EU countries pushed millions of people in debt trap. Poverty should be controlled with efficacious measures. Government should launch new and effective opportunities to curb the menace of poverty.
Mismanagement of resources is one of the major challenges which Pakistan has been facing. God has provided bundles of natural resources. These natural resources are now on the verge of destruction. Terrorism is devastating the natural beauty and this natural beauty is a channel of obtaining food. Government should pay high attention to this side. These natural blessings of God Should are managed properly.
Lack of accountability is another factor of terrorism. Accountability is very necessary. Without it no one can perform his duties in an organized and proper manner. Absence of accountability is a vacuum. It paves the way for terrorist to fulfill their selfish motives. They are playing their role without any constraints.
Corruption is a threat to sovereignty. It is an alarm for national integration. This term has been defined as; it is a use of force for obtaining personal gains. Since independence Pakistan has been culprit of corruption. This disease is eating the roots of Pakistan. It is spreading like a cancer. Mighty hands are indulged in the promotion of corruption. No sector is saving from this giant. The main reason of corruption is low level of salaries, Unemployment, poverty, illiteracy and overpopulation. These all are promoting people to indulge in corrupt activities. Corruption has the following kinds: bribe, nepotism, favoritism, political patronage, bidding process and so on.
Dissatisfaction is also increasing to large extent. It is creating a sense of insecurity. Terrorists in order to gain their selfish aims spread the wind of turmoil and threat. Dissatisfaction has been increased in every sphere of life.
Food insecurity is also enhancing to great extent. Because of terrorism, Government spends more budgets on the defense of the country. The prices of commodities are increasing. It becomes very difficult for an ordinary lower class people to bear the expenses. Apart from this, Agriculture is the main blood of our country. It also faces adverse impact. Our economy is totally revolves around agriculture sector. Industries are wholly dependable on agriculture sector. Everything is interconnected. Agriculture provides a strong base to our industries. Industries are a major source of revenue generation. Food insecurity is largely dependable on agriculture sector. Government should invest heavy amounts of funds to this sector.
Political causes is also creating vacuum. It also paved the way for terrorist to establish their foot. Political causes included the followings; political instability, corruption within politics, no proper set up, military intervention, Clash between institution, lack of consensus, selfish motives of politicians, feudal dispensation and lack of accountability.
Since independence Pakistan has been facing difficulties in the establishment of political set. Basically, there is no political set up in Pakistan. Everyone is pulling the leg of one another for the sake of self motives. In the initial years of Pakistan, Muslim league faced failure due to feudal class intervention. After passing some year’s constitutional crises erupted. Pakistan took long seven years to formulate first constitution. Corruption prevailed to large extent. Military intervention to curb the spread of corruption became the fashion of Pakistan. Constant four military interventions destroyed the image of Pakistan. Clash between judiciary and executive class have also come to forefront on several occasions. These all political turmoil paves the way for terrorists.
Religious causes also give sound ground to terrorists. Now a day, religious intolerance is spreading around the country. People are misunderstanding the religion (Islam).The concepts, ideas and values which are presented by Almighty Allah in Holy Quran are totally different from what people understand. This is termed as misconception. Misinterpretation of religion has become a norm of the day. Extremist considered themselves as the followers of Islam but unfortunately they do not comprehend the message of Allah Almighty. The message of Almighty Allah is peace, love, sympathy, kindness and honesty. Terrorists’ are not following the message of Allah. They are doing Jihad for themselves. Jihad means fight for the cause of Allah. Fight in the way of Allah. Religious intolerance should only be controlled by learning and understanding Quran. Quran is the complete Guideline for the whole world. It is a sacred book which was revealed on Holy Prophet PBUH. Holy Prophet PBUH is the biggest example of love, sympathy and tolerance. Why we don’t follow the path of Allah?
Religious Madressahs is a hub of terrorists. They are taught and guided in the madressahs.after the soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, these madressahs were establish to prepare mujahedeen. The overall funding of mujahedeen were under the supervision of USA.they had been prepared to evacuate Afghanistan from the Soviet Invasion. Soviet forces faced defeat from mujahideen.After the failure of soviet forces a vacuum generated in war ridden country. Civil war erupted and continued for six years. This gave birth to drug trafficking, addiction, Weaponisation and other criminal activities. It further aggravated the circumstances. Pakistan had to bear the brunt of it.Weaponization culture entered inside the roots of Pakistan. Thus began a new journey of disaster and turmoil known as Kalashnikovs Culture. Pakistan always supported USA in the hour of grief’s always left Pakistan in the hour of pains. After fulfillment of motives, this marriage of convergence ended between USA and Pakistan.
Iranian Revolution also created a sense of conflicts inside the boundaries of Pakistan. Sectarianism conflicts erupted. Shia and Sunni rivalry began which further deteriorated the condition. This also laid the strong foothold of extremist inside the boundaries of Pakistan.
War on terrorism9/11 began, when three hijacked planes collided with the World TRADE CENTE NEW YORK and Pentagon building. This was the cowardly attack which occurred on 9/11.killed several innocent lives of people. People were buried under the roof of largest building. This clearly showed the weakness of USA intelligence agency. President Bush invited the whole international community to participate in so called war on terrorism. Pakistan became the top non NATO ally of Pakistan. Pakistan moves heaven and earth to curb the power of Taliban. After the long year of partnership, between USA and Pakistan, USA has decided to evacuate Afghanistan before 2014.This war on terrorism has claimed millions of innocent lives. Millions of USA military officers were lost their lives. It created havoc around the whole globe.USA will assigned this responsibility to afghan forces.
External influence is also instigating the terrorism. It is viewed on several occasions that India is indulged in creating conspiracies. It created misunderstanding between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Now let’s have a cursory look on the factors which are instigating terrorism. These factors included the following; negligence of government, drone strikes, anti terrorism campaigns, injustice, persecution of innocent Muslims of Palestine and Kashmir.

Terrorism puts adverse impact on the life of individuals. It is not only put bad impact on individual’s life but also entire society is encircled. Flames and flames are encircling the whole Pakistan. Every city is now under the influence of terrorism. It affects the mental health of people. People fear around the whole country. Is this Pakistan? We were fighting and demanding for. Our beloved father of nation who struggled to built this country so called Quaid e azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Quaideazam condemned bloodshed on every occasion. Unfortunately now at every place in Pakistan Rivers of blood are flowing. Dead bodies are floating in this river, and all are happening because of terrorism. Terrorism spreads havoc .It claimed millions of lives. Don’t know how many others will be victimized in upcoming days. It puts bad impact on social life. Now Pakistani society has become the hub of terrorism. Bomb blast has become the norm of the day. Every street comes under the target of just one thumb click. Students are avoiding going to schools. Absences of teachers are reached at its zenith. Overall infrastructure of FATA, KP, and Baluchistan are damaged because of massive terrorist attacks. Girl’s schools are also targeting. The basic motives of terrorists to damage the educational institutes. They do not give preference to women education. They want to treat women as chattels. They openly negated the concept of women empowerment. The recent attack on 14 year old blameless girl named Malala Yusuf zai was regarded as cowardly act of terrorists. What they want? They actually want illiterate Pakistan. They wanted to spread the condition of Pre Islamic Arab. Pre Islamic Arabs were engaged in nasty circle of vices. They were the rulers of darkness. They were unaware people. After the arrival of light in the shape of Prophet Pbuh the overall world has been transformed. No one knows the hidden motives of extremist except bloodshed. Education is regarded as the blood of a country. Nation cannot grow like a tree in the absence of education. Education provides knowledge. It gives respectful position in social cycle. Absence of knowledge is as similar as absence of humanity in men. God has given full permission to avail knowledge. It is the right of every individual to attain knowledge. Without knowledge, a man is like an animal.
Political turmoil is evident in Pakistan. This gives an opportunity to extremist .This turmoil is further instigating by rebels. Pakistani Government should maintain healthy relationship whether inside or outside the political spheres. It will be beneficial for the whole nation. The recent clash of institution further fuelled the fire. Pakistan should play efficacious role in countering terrorism. Sound policies are required.
Since independence, Pakistan has been facing several downfalls. These downfalls created a gap inside and outside the infrastructure of Pakistan. Terrorism is the disease. It weakened the foundation of Pakistan. From its inception it faced millions of difficulties. Early problems of pakistanwhich included war with india,rehabilitation of millions of people,mismanagement,lack of resources, Water crises, massive corruption, lack of accountability, unjust demarcation of state and mass massacre all were damaging the existence of newly born state. After overcoming from these crises, Pakistan was encircled with several others crises. These crises were democratic setup, constitutional crises, feudalism, military intervention and institutional clashes. After ending these germs, international influence were shacking the weak foundation of Pakistan. Hence it is clear that Pakistan is hanging in the balance.
Economic turmoil is another impact of terrorism. Terrorism put worse impacts on economy of Pakistan. The economy of Pakistan is based on the agriculture sector.agricultre is the blood of Pakistan. It is source of revenue generation. Apart from revenue generation it is the source of food. Agriculture sector provides base to industrial sector. In the absence of agriculture sector, industrial sectors have no existence. Both are interconnected. So in this regard economy of Pakistan is adversely affected.
Lives of people are very much valuable. Almighty Allah has created his creature with love and kindness. Millions of civilians have losted their precious life. God condemned scene of carnage.
Pakistan earns a lot of revenue from tourism. Tourism is regarded as the source of revenue generation. Beauty of Pakistan is very famous around the whole world. This beauty has been damaged by destructions. Tourism in Pakistan now diminishes to great extent. This is another worse impact of terrorism.
Foreign direct investment also declined. This is another disastrous impact of terrorism. We are going back day by day. Efficacious policies are required to cut the throat of terrorism. Now multinational companies are not investing in Pakistan. It reduced our economic graph. The picture of Pakistan in the modernized world is soul trembling. Most of the people are going and settling abroad. Industries are closed. Economic condition reached at zilch. This is Pakistan which is facing the curse of terrorism. Taliban is the slogan of carnage. They are not human beings. They are dragons. They are creating havoc around the whole globe. Name of Pakistan is iniquitous around the whole world.
Now let’s have a cursory look on the steps recommended by Pakistani Government to curb the power of terrorism. Pakistan has taken several stances to reduce the intensity of extremism. The efforts of Pakistan military are commendable. Thousands of military officers’ losted their precious and valuable life .Lots of anti terrorism campaigns have been launched. Several bans on terrorist organizations have been enforced. Numerous operations had done to eliminate terrorists such as Operation Rah-e-Rast and Operation Rah-e- Nija, operation Rah-e –haq and operation rah-e-rast swat. Operation Rah-e-Haq was the first battle of swat between Pakistan and the Taliban. It was carried on 2007 in swat. Operation Rah e rast was operated on 30june2009.Operation Rah-e-nijat began on June 19 2009.the place of operation was South Waziristan in FATA.All these operations were carried on to curb the power of Taliban.
Now let’s have a glance on the triangular relationship among Pakistan USA and Afghanistan. Pakistan joined hand with USA to curb the power of Taliban. The relationship between USA and Pakistan is well known as the marriage of convergence. Pakistan is the non NATO ally of USa.Pakistan supported USA in every walk of this journey. Since 9/11, Pakistan and USA have been working to curb the power of terrorism. Because of USA strict policies this war creating a sense of turmoil around the whole globe.Dronestrikes are creating tension. Growing civilians’ causalities are becoming a threat for USA.
Now let’s have a cursory look on Afghanistan, USA Wrong policies and our options. America is going to face the worst ever defeat of its history. The crusade that USA launched after 9/11 against Taliban, the much desired victory has not fallen in to his lap in accordance with its plan. The Taliban are proved to be a hard nut to crack for USA.Instead USA realized the ground realities and make strategies for negotiations, it is committing blunders after blunders. The rulers in Pakistan and the national security institutions must keep eye on the situation of various steps taken by USA in Afghanistan. America is committing blunders by holding backdoor negotiations with traliban.they cannot work without Pakistan. It is the bitter reality.
Why does USA Leave Afghanistan? The answer of this question has so many reasons. First, USA and NATO occupation created civilian casualties.
Second, military occupation has hampered humanitarian aid and reconstruction efforts.
Third, Afghan women continue to face violence and oppression under occupation.
Fourth, NATO allies and military leaders are now questioning the occupation.
Fifth, USA troop’s casualties in Afghanistan are on height.
Sixth, Afghans are now calling for a negotiated end to the war.
Seventh, the occupation contributes to violence.
Now let’s have a cursory look on the recommendations for USA to change his policy towards Afghanistan.
Setting permanent timetable for withdrawal. It would be better.USA should immediately cease air strikes because it is the main reason of civilian casualties. It further damaged the image of USA.It should also support negotiated process. Compensate afghan families affected by war.
Thus, Pakistan puts several efforts to curb the danger of terrorism. Terrorism should only be controlled with mutual efforts. It is not a war of one country but it is a war of whole world. Overall international community should come forward to eliminate this gigantic threat. Negotiations are now only the safe solution to curb this menace. We don’t want more casualties whether in Pakistan, Afghanistan or USA.Whole nation should come forward to defeat this threat. We should join hands together and safe this globe from violence. Proper and effective measures should be laid down by government. Pakistan is considered as a land of purity. Purity can only be remained if we understand the motto of extremists. Let’s pray Almighty Allah to shower his blessings on Pakistan. Save this pious land from the selfish aims of terrorists.

Unrest In Kashmir Essay

Kashmir has been an immense issue since 1947. This downfall came along side with the partition of India-Pakistan. Both countries have been fighting for this territory and yet the feud still continues. We are still in the midst of deciding whether it belongs to the Indians or Pakistanis.
Muslims and Hindus have been living together in Kashmir with peace and harmony. Later when the time came to draw a line between India and Pakistan the issue came to the naked eye when a decision had to be made about Kashmir being a part of India or Pakistan.
This decision had to be made because both the Muslims and Hindus resided in Kashmir. This led to a serious issue as both would revere the same saints and prayed at the same shrines. But after the 13th century Islam became a majority religion in Kashmir which gave an edge to the Pakistanis for making Kashmir their land. But the catch to this Muslim majority was that they were led by a Hindu leader which gave a strong point to the Indian leaders.
Although there was a clear Muslim majority in Kashmir before the 1947 partition the political developments during and after the partition resulted in a division of the region. The territory of Kashmir was contested even before India and Pakistan won their independence from Britain in August 1947. Under the partition plan Kashmir was free to accede to India or Pakistan. The maharaja, Hari Singh, wanted to stay independent but eventually decided to accede to India, signing over the key powers to the Indian government in return for military aid.

Under the partition plan Kashmir was free to remain independent or become a part of either India or Pakistan. The maharaja took the decision of joining forces with the Indians which Pakistani argue that he was forced to do by the Indians as they knew that Kashmir was and is a Muslim majority population territory. Pakistan also argued that Kashmiri’s were given a chance to decide their own future and the maharaja never consulted them. Since Muslims are a majority they claim that Kashmir should be a part of Pakistan. It was also pointed out by Pakistan that Indian governor general, Lord Mountbatten made it clear that this decision will be final only when the people of Kashmir vote in a plebiscite. Nonetheless India accepted this position without any such referendum to take place. The reason for India ignoring this plebiscite vote was that they feared that majority of the kashimiris would vote for Pakistan and they would fail to make it their land. Since then India and Pakistan have gone to war twice in 1947-8 respectively and again in 1965 in order to take the decision of where Kashmir stands. Ever since the first war a cease fire was declared and a Line of Control was drawn separating the two sides. The Indian controlled part of Kashmir Is called Jammu and...

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