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          Jane Austen shows the role of manners as an extremely powerful idea in Pride and Prejudice by using manners to tell the readers about a persons’ character and attitude towards society. Austin also uses this theme to show how people in the novel believe that an individuals manners showcase their moral character, which is relentlessly being evaluated throughout the novel. Austen uses social class to create a distinct boundary between the Bingley family and the Bennet family.

          The importance of manners throughout the novel is repeatedly displayed to show how the characters judge each other simply by their actions and social status. An example of this is when Elizabeth decides to visit her sister Jane, who is sick and living at Netherfield Park. After arriving at Netherfield with "weary ankles" and "dirty stockings", having walked three miles of fields just to see her sister, everyone is surprised by her appearance. Miss Bingley is shocked that Elizabeth ignored society’s system of appropriateness, and uses it to insult Elizabeth's character. It states that "her manners were pronounced to be very bad indeed, a mixture of pride and impertinence"(p.34), showing "a most country-town indifference to decorum"(p.34). Miss Bingley quickly determines Elizabeth’s character simply based on her actions of that single morning. Austen uses this to showcase the way the characters in the novel value only what they consider to be socially appropriate.

          The manners of Mrs. Bennet and Lydia Bennet immediately intrigue Miss Bingley, as she notices how they lack the modesty she expects out of people. Miss Bingley expects all women to “possess a certain something in her air and manner of walking, the tone of her voice, her address and expressions”(p.39), and Austen uses these chances to reflect the expectations of society in that era. Miss Bingley quickly decides that Mrs. Bennet is...

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Essay about Importance of Manners in Pride and Prejudice

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Importance of Manners in Pride and Prejudice

Manners have survived throughout the many passing years of history and culture to influence the ways human beings interact even today in the way we relate to one another: what is acceptable and unacceptable social behavior. Proper manners in everything from conversation to eating have long been distinguishing mark of social status. Even now they are often important in business and social situations. But in the eighteenth century, manners were paramount.

Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, set at the end of the eighteenth century, explores the many humorous eccentricities in a world of etiquette and proper conduct. When love, pride, clumsiness and transparency are…show more content…

Bennet humorously exposes the absurdity of Ms. Bennet's statement. Often Elizabeth pokes fun at situations, in a very similar ironical vein to her father. While Elizabeth and her sister Jane are discussing an evening at the ball, Jane mentions how flattered she was that Mr. Bingley had asked her to dance twice. Elizabeth replies that Jane should have no reason for surprise:

"He could not help noticing you were five times prettier than any other woman in the room. No thanks to his gallantry for that. Well, certainly he is very agreeable, and I give you leave to like him." (p. 9)

The whole premise of the discussion between Jane and Elizabeth was more or less an evaluation of Jane's feelings for Mr. Bingley. Although both of them knew this, normally nothing would be said of it. Elizabeth, ignoring the context, bluntly states what Jane is really wondering when she says "I give you leave to like him." The irony of this situation (exposed by Elizabeth's statement) is that Elizabeth certainly does not determine Jane's feelings for Mr. Bingley; the farthest extent of Elizabeth's consequential opinion is that she finds Mr. Bingley agreeable.

Mr. Collins, perhaps the most humorous character in the book, is always concerned for the well being of others. He adheres to stern and moral code of conduct, but he is very much lacking in common sense. As Elizabeth states, "Mr. Collins was not a sensible man, and the deficiency of

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