Louis Armstrong Life Accomplishments Essay

Louis Armstrong is not just a name, not just a musician, he is a legend. He will never be forgotten. He is part of our world. Louis Armstrong was that man who made a huge contribution to the dissemination of such a musical direction as jazz. It is thanks to his talent of trumpeter and singer, personal charm and love for music, we are able to enjoy the unique compositions.

The genius of jazz was born in 1901 in one of the poorest areas of New Orleans. Armstrong’s family was, as it is now customary to say, dysfunctional – his mother worked as a washerwoman, and his father, a day laborer, abused alcohol. Childhood years of Louis Armstrong were very heavy; no one was involved in his upbringing. He grew up as a waif, and later Jewish immigrants from Lithuania, the Karnofskys, adopted the boy.

From early childhood, Armstrong earned his living – transported coal, sold newspapers and performed other small low-paying jobs. Once Louis decided to earn extra money by joining the street ensemble, at first as a vocalist, and later as a drummer.

In 1913, Armstrong got into penitentiary camp for teens for shooting on the street with a gun stolen from a police officer. There, a future legend received his first musical education; played clarinet and tambourine in the camp orchestra. Exactly in the camp Louis finally decided to connect his future life with music.

After the release, Louis Armstrong’s career gradually began to develop – useful acquaintances have contributed. First, Louis met with King Oliver, one of the greatest cornet players of New Orleans at the time, who took him under his wing. After a while, the young man met with a professional band leader Fats Mereybl, who taught Louis the basics of musical notation and took into his ensemble «Jazz-E-Sazz Band».

This work describes the further facts of life and musical achievements of the greatest musician Louis Armstrong.

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Louis Armstrong Essay

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Louis Armstrong

Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong was one of the most popular musicians of his time. Upon initiating my research, I was surprised to find conflicting dates as to when he was born. Encarta Africa said he was born in 1901, 1001 things to know about African American history-1898, regular Encarta --1900, "Little Louis and the jazz band" by Angela Shelf Medearis says his date of birth is August 4, 1901. The book "Jazz Stars" by Richard Rennert states that Louis Armstrong was born in 1899, the book "Louis Armstrong" by Sam Tanenhaus says he was born on July 4, 1900. The reason why they have so many different dates is due to the fact that he probably wasn't born in a hastpital and they did not use to keep good records of black…show more content…

Day night, ragtime musicdanced out of the neighborhood honky-tonks. At night, Little Louis fell asleep to the sad songs of the local blues singers. Those sorrowful songs sounded like they were full of all the pain in the world.

Little Louis enjoyed all kinds of music, but he loved the music played by the brass bands most of all. Sometimes after a parade, Joe "king" Oliver, the best cornet player in New Orleans, would let Louis carry his cornet case. Little Louis wanted to make music too. He wanted to play a cornet just like King Oliver.

In music, Armstrong discovered the path to success, after a New Year's eve prank in 1913. He had taken his stepfathers .38 caliber pistol and six blanks and fired them into the air. Before he knew what was happening, a policeman had grabbed Little Louis by the arm. Off went Little Louis in the custody of the New Orleans police. The judge decided to send him to the Colored Waifs Home for boys to keep him out of trouble.

The home gave poor boys a chance to finish school and learn a trade. A military man, Captain Joseph Jones and his wife ran it. He ran the home military style. Little Louis was heart broken and home sick. Then one day he heard a brass band playing. He followed the music and found himself in a room full of boys and instruments. He went to band rehearsal everyday and finally he was asked to join the band.

The conductor of the band, Mr. Davis, first gave him a tambourine. Then Louis tried the

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